Gwasanaethau Ffilm / Sganio

Digital Cinema Prints (DCPs) are achieved utilising our industry grade DCP mastering stations and can provide any type of DCP to suit your requirements. Subtitling, Encryption, DCDMs (Digital Cinema Distribution Master), KDMs (Key Delivery Message) can also be created to satisfy any delivery required.

Dragon’s film services department offers 16mm and 35mm film cleaning on a the latest Lipsner Smith sonic cleaner to achieve the most efficient and safe cleaning of film.

Our scanning department uses the world leading pin registered ArriScan scanner. The scanner along with our skilled operators enables us to provide un-surpassed quality in the digital capture of the original film up to resolutions of 6K. The double flash technology allows for a scan with an extremely high dynamic range.

We also have a Spirit 4K scanner which allows us the choice of 2K scanning in real time (up to 30 fps) and 4K scanning (up to 4.5 fps).

Film recording is achieved in-house using our industry leading ArriLaser system. Our technicians have vast experience in recording to various different film stocks and handling all differing frame types allowing us to create the perfect master.