Gwella Lliw

Within the heart of our facility resides a truly world class 4K grading suite; a Pablo Rio 4K colour and finishing system with a Neo panel, a Sony SRX-R510P projector equipped with the newly developed 4K SDI input board and a 7 metre cinema screen for large screen format viewing of feature films, TV programmes and commercials along with comprehensive security and access to 1Gb/s networking infrastructure.

We pride ourselves on keeping the working colour space tightly calibrated.  This in turn gives our colourists the utmost confidence and freedom to realise the Directors vision and ensure the look and feel created in the grading theatre is translated correctly to the many different output options.

Whether it is a 35mm print or delivery to a digital format or platform such as iTunes, our controlled process takes the headache away from our clients.

Dragon has had the privilege to provide full Digital Intermediate and colour grade processes on theatrical releases for directors such as Peter Greenaway (Nightwatching), Steve McQueen (Hunger) and Richard Ayoade (Submarine) to name a few.